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What You Get Inside?

With Membership You Access Resources and a Network that Empower You to Get Results Quicker.

Membership is a bundle of tools, information, and a community that we've pulled together to help you be your best.

The goal is to give everyone the best chance of success. To attain their goals. At the lowest cost possible.

But more than this... it's to make the journey together and enjoy it. Support each other. And surround ourselves with like-minds on the same journey.

    Stacks of goal-oriented trainings, webinars and seminars enabling you to maximise your keto & fasting lifestyle. New webinars are added every week on Tuesday. Watch or listen any time via phone or computer.

  • GROUP COACHING CALLS: Need some extra support to attain your goal? Want to share the journey with others like you? Members have access to monthly group calls. One for each goal with our resident specialist - fat loss, muscle gain, fasting, therapeutic or general wellness.

  • 5% DISCOUNT ON ALL YOUR SHOP ORDERS: Members get 5% savings on all orders of keto and fasting products from the Ketosource shop.

  • KETOCHECKER APP: Did you know that 15% of "Keto" products aren't keto at all? Or that another 40% are only keto for some people? The more keto gets popular, the more this has become a problem. We created this app to let you quickly check if a product is keto or not. Problem... solved :)

  • BETTER ACCESS: Have lots of questions? Or deeper more complex ones? Members have access to Damien and the Ketosource Analyst Team in exclusive member only community channels.

  • TIME-SAVING TRANSCRIPTS: Don't like to watch or listen? Or just don't have time and want a quick answer? Enter the "searchable" transcripts so you can find what you need in the least time.

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What People Are Saying...

Matt Williams

Extremely helpful on my keto journey

Matt Williams

I have been on the webcasts every Monday this year, I personally find all the analysts very knowledgeable on the subjects. The are open to ANY question no matter how silly it may seem. The information given out is clear concise and in a “simple” format for easy understanding. I have found them extremely helpful on my keto journey. Thanks All

I have gone away from them every time with lots to put into practice.


I have found the weekly webinars very informative and have helped me through my next week as I have gone away from them every time with lots to put into practice. Thank you to the team, you are all great and professional in all you do.

Their advice is easy to follow, consistent, and gets great results!


The Ketosource team are cheerleaders for the ketogenic diet. Webinars are educational and interactive, answering questions and troubleshooting to offer practical ideas for how individuals might implement ketogenic solutions into their own lifestyles. The analyst presenters are knowledgeable and experienced and their advice is easy to follow, consistent, and gets great results!

It was very helpful that different aspects were covered for ketogenic diets and fasting

I liked how different aspects of fasting were included, especially the caveat on using a small amount of MCT whilst fasting to help boost the benefits of fasting, be it only a small dose. It was very helpful that different aspects were covered for ketogenic diets and fasting as they relate to fat loss, body composition changes, cognitive brain benefits and also exercising.

Distilled a Complex Subject into Simple-Actionable Points

Liked the way you distilled a complex subject in to simple, actionable points. As a non-professional with just school science, I had no difficulty following everything. Also liked... the way questions were encouraged – some interesting stuff came out in the answers...

There’s so much encouragement from your team members


I do enjoy the webinars because the simplicity of the rules makes it effortless and there’s so much encouragement from your team members that if rules are applied consistently then results will follow. So a big thank you from me and I hope there will be future webinars to motivate me.

Being able to ask any questions to help learn more about the keto lifestyle and keep motivated is very helpful.


Being able to do the free online course and the webinars, have really helped to understand how to use the coconut c8 oil to best effect (which really really works) and the keto bars which are a brilliant snack and treat, while staying full keto ( absolutely brilliant). Also being able to ask any questions to help learn more about the keto lifestyle and keep motivated is very helpful. You are not just selling products but helping to understand why and how keto works, and it does.

Vault of Keto & Fasting Resources

The Members Area has a large and constantly growing vault of Webinars and Seminar video recordings. Here's some examples to give you an idea what's inside.

If you've attended our webinars you'll know we ensure that everything we do is
A) Evidence-based (it's always based in research and data), and
B) Enables you to the max (by making it as simple and actionable as possible).

You'll find all our weekly "Webinar Mondays" in here.

You can listen or watch them on the go via your phone, or when you're at peace at home on your computer.

  • The Best Ketogenic Diet & MCT Oil Methods For Fat Loss

  • Step-By-Step Optimization of Your Fasting

  • How To Quickly Know if a Product is Ketogenic or Not with Certainty

  • The Best Fasting Method for Fat Loss

  • How to Gain Muscle and Strength on a Ketogenic Diet

  • Data-Proven Health Optimisation Shortcuts

  • The Latest Ketogenic Science Practical Takeaways - Year 2020 Roundup

  • And Much Much More...

5% Discount on All Your Shop Orders

Soon to Become Europe's Largest Keto & Fasting Store

A large and growing selection of certified ketogenic products.

Only products validated by our KetoChecker.app as Guaranteed Ketogenic or Keto Friendly are stocked.
5% Discount on All Your Shop Orders

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Get Support in Monthly Calls Focused on Getting You to Your Goal

Experts keep you on the right track.

Take the journey with other members just like you - who have your back.

  • FAT LOSS GOALS: Erin Bellamy works with you using the best combination of ketogenic diet and fasting to ensure consistent fat loss. Erin's background is in psychology and she's currently working on a Keto PhD and several research studies.

  • MUSCLE GAIN/ PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE GOALS: Matt Carpenter works with you helping you optimise your performance and muscle goals. Matt's background is in sports science - he's currently working on a Keto PhD and several research studies.

  • WELLNESS, HEALTHSPAN & LONGEVITY GOALS: Damien Blenkinsopp and Zach Sellers discuss and help you work on biomarkers, general wellness and healthspan improvement. Damien is the founder of Ketosource and The Quantified Body podcast, and Zach is a PhD with a background and studies published in stem cells research.

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The KetoChecker App

Demystifying the World of Keto & Low Carb Food & Snacks

Are you ever unsure if a food or snack is keeping you in ketosis? Or supporting it?

It's not just you. It's unfortunately where things are at.

15% of products having a "keto" stamp or branding on them today are not ketogenic. At all.

The KetoChecker App

What Keto-Level Do You Need?

Your goals and lifestyle factors define which keto-level you should use.

We've learned from working from many clients and the research that the same food/ product doesn't have the same ketogenic response for everyone.

So we created a system to screen products into 3 keto-levels:
  • Guaranteed Ketogenic (works for everyone)
  • Keto-Friendly (works for some people)
  • Not Ketogenic (works for no one).

The "Not Ketogenic" works for no one. But the Keto-Friendly, or Guaranteed Ketogenic levels will best suit you depending on your goals / lifestyle factors.

This App has over 360 products screened so you can be certain of the effects/ fit for you. We add any missing products you want for you. And any new ones. I
Click Here to Access the KetoChecker App
What Keto-Level Do You Need?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

or Your Money Back

As with everything Ketosource does. You satisfaction is our #1 priority.

More... you getting results is our top priority. We consider it a failure if we haven't measurable improved your life. And got you to your goals more effectively.

So, if you're not happy after joining "Ketosource Members" just let us know and we'll refund you. 

All our contact details are on this page. So you can quickly get in touch if it's not working for you. And of course you can talk directly to us in the Ketosource Community if you're already there.

What's So Great About
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Your low price is locked-in...
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What Does "Locked-In" Mean?

The subscription price you start at will be locked-in. Meaning it will never change. Unless you cancel of course. Then it disappears altogether :-)

We use a lot of technology at Ketosource to do our jobs better. And we pay for that technology most of the time on a monthly subscription basis. Like this membership.

One annoyance I have with these tech subscriptions is that often we've been a user for many years. But the companies force us to pay more for our subscription over time.

This doesn't make sense to me. We've been working with them for a long time and we're a great client for them. And we've supported them in many cases since their early startup days.

So I just wanted to say: that is something Ketosource will/ could never do.

The way I see it, if you've been with us longer and earlier, I'm super thankful and appreciative of that. You helped us get where we are today.

So this is why I'm doing this Early-Bird pricing...

And why "Locked-In" means while the price will go up later for this. As an early-bird, and early supporter, you'll not be affected by it. Ever. No matter how many times it goes up.

Hope that makes sense.